EndoFoam™ Finishing Molds

SKU: OR-0401

The Ortho Remedy, Inc. is proud to present the first accurate finishing molds. Available in seven sizes, left and right, and sized by ankle circumference. Just fit the mold over the prosthesis, seal with tape proximally and distally, open the seam posteriorly, pour in foam ( approximately 200 grams), clamp seam shut, wait 15 minutes, de-mold and EUREKA!,a finished foam cover which requires no laborious shaping. Fine tuning on the shape can still be accomplished using conventional methods, if necessary. cosmetically hides foot shank transition. The molds are reusable and may be used for finishing exoskeletal equipment. During transfer, fit the same molds over socket and foot, seal and tape, pour rigid foam and de-mold. Lefts and Rights are identical great for bilaterals.

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