EndoFoam™A and B Finishing System

SKU: OR-0400
1/2 Gallon

EndoFoam™ Ultra is the first pourable, two part mixture which provides uniform cell structure with a density matching human tissue.

EndoFoam™ Ultra is available in gallon kits which can finish approximately 35 prostheses. Compare the cost of EndoFoam™ to any pre-shaped foam block - plus the time to shape it!

EndoFoam™Ultra comes in a Caucasian color tone which specifically matches that of today's standard foot color.

It can be darkened using 3% standard pigment.

Don't forget!

EndoFoam™ Ultra Finishing Molds are the first accurate molds. They are available in seven sizes (left and right) and can be purchased separately or as a set of 14. The molds are sized by ankle circumference, from 7 1/2" - 10", covering 95% of all BK amputees.

Leftslefts and rights are identical great for be laterals.

38 Minute instructional video included with your order for first time purchasers. Let us know if its your first time!

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