Neo-Cuff™ Suspension Sleeve

SKU: OR-0011

Is it a sleeve or is it a cuff? It's both, and the right combination! The Ortho Remedy, Inc. is pleased to introduce NEO-CUFF™, the most friendly, cosmetic and effective suspension available. NEO-CUFF™ offers the cosmetic advantages of a sleeve with the functional advantage of a cuff - and more!

* Additional bar tacks (stitch stop), allow practitioner to cut down as desired.
* Posterior cut-out for full range of motion without migration.
* Reinforced supra-patella region for improved suspension.
* Open patella, while still hiding prosthetic transition.
* Adhesive velcro disks for mechanical attachment to prosthesis.
* Comfortable neoprene.
* Sized by femur supracondylar circumference.

Available in:
X-Small OR-0011XS 11"-13"
Small OR-0011S 13"-15"
Medium OR-0011M 15"-17"
Large OR-0011L 17"-19"
X-Large OR-0011XL 19"-21"

(13" long)

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