Rhythm Foot

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The Rhythm Foot Designed to mimic anatomical foot action, the Rhythm Foot is adjustable for your patients requirements. Properly fitted, it provides improved mobility accompanied by lower energy expenditure. The Rhythm Foot provides a high level K rating in amputees weighing up to 100 kg (220 lbs). Most amputees can be managed at various K levels by utilizing the Rhythm Foot. This foot is unilateral, size adjustable and can be used with existing cosmetic foot shells.

The foot is moulded by Centennial Plastic Mfg. Inc. using DuPont™ Hytrel® which is a an engineered polymer that produces superior function, energy return and durability. Hytrel's® characteristics provide smooth actions, reducing biomechanical forces on the residual limb. The Rhythm Foot is intended for use as a permanent option for lower extremity prosthetic management. Relying on its proven effectiveness The Rhythm Foot can also be considered as an interim, shower, swimming, stubby, post operative or effective dynamic cost option.

Specifications Activity Level = K1 - K3 K3

Weight Limit = 100 kg

Size Adjustment 24 - 28 cm Unilateral - L or R

Mounting = Recommend Endo (See warranty regarding Exo finishes)

Build Out = 10 cm

Keel Weight / Pyramid & Anti-Corrosion Treated Bolt = 465 grams

Foot Bolt Torque = 30 Nm

Pre-Fab Cosmetic Foot Shell = L/R 24 - 28

Custom Keel / Cosmetic Foot = L/R 24 - 30

Complete information and specifications can be found at Rhythmfoot.ca